Do you travel? Then the LocalStash Card is for you!

Want to get a little discount (10%) at the places us “locals go”? 

These are what we call “Stashes” (a hidden or secret place) and you’ll thank us for making you aware of them. :]

That’s what the LocalStash Card provides. 

Simply grab one of the images below to your smartphone (that’s your loyalty card) and when you’re in one of our participating communities look for the LocalStash Sticker in the window, enjoy yourself, show them your phone LS Card and get 10% off. 

Low tech, high touch. Easy for everyone. Share us with your traveling family & friends.

We’ll also be providing information and links on this site for each community (see below) that participates. Your card will be accepted in all these resort communities. 

How to get your LocalStash “Loyalty” Discount Club Card?

1. “Right click” and save the “Card” image below (pick your State) to your smartphone.
2. Look for the “LocalStash Window Sticker” in local businesses windows.
3. Show them the Card on your Phone and save 10%.
4. Share with Traveling Friends & Family.

That’s it.

Right Click on the Image below for the LocalStash Card for your State.

[LocalStash Cards will be accepted in every participating State – we do this to be accountable to our Sponsors and to have a little fun.]

Get Your Colorado LocalStash Card...

Colorado LS Card

Launches Sept. 15th, 2022

Get Your New Mexico LocalStash Card...

Coming Soon!