How the LocalStash Card Works…

First off, the LocalStash Card is ONLY for Locally Owned Businesses. Period.

The LocalStash Card was developed to be used in places where tourists visit, they want to do what us “locals” do, find our hidden places and spend money having fun, eating out, shopping and activities.

If we all do things right, treat everyone exceptionally well, they’ll come back.

…again and again, they tell their friends and we’ll create a “loop” of earned repeat business via the LocalStash Card. :]

How to get your LocalStash “Loyalty” Discount¬†Business Window Sticker?

1. Complete the request form and we’ll snail mail your Sticker the very next day.
2. Pay a one-time $197 Entry Fee, we’ll invoice you (you’ll never be billed again).
3. Put the Sticker in your Window near the VISA/MC Stickers. *
4. Accept a Members LocalStash Card (presented via their phone) and provide them a 10% Discount.
5. Easy Peasy and you ONLY provide a discount when someone presents the LocalStash Care (performance based).

That’s it.

* want to leave the program? just remove the sticker from your window. 

FREE to the first 20 Locally Owned Businesses in each City/Town, then $197 one time program fee.
LocalStash Window Sticker
[ fill out our shipping form below and you'll have the LocalStash Sticker in a couple days ]