Are you an Airbnb Super Host?

We’re looking to connect with a limited number of Super Hosts (10) in each Rural Resort Area we serve.

You must have a Review Score of 4.5 or above and personally LIVE in the community. 

You will receive a FREE Map Pin (value at this moment $197) for your Rental and included in other digital/print marketing we do. 

In return we simply ask that you share our FREE Digital “Travelers” Card with Guests and promote it where you can.

We also have another revenue stream that might interest the more community connected Hosts. 

For this, let’s set up a time to visit as we’re not ready to share publicly. It’s pretty good if we do say so ourselves :-]

Thank you for your interest.


PS. We are ALL about building sustainable rural local economies via locally owned business collaboration and promotion. 

Let us know if you're interested?